Monday, April 25, 2011

blue eyed naomi

in the summer she gets tons of freckles. this was last summer.

shes really good at braiding hair. extremely creative and inspiring, super crafty and a photographer as well! i believe she will be opening her own etsy store soon!! and she just started blogging!
oh yeah....and in case you hadn't noticed she's gorgeous.

a few months ago she actually chopped her hair right off. no more rapnuzel hair. she hella rocks the short hair tho. you'll see pictures soon.

she's my andy.
much love, edie ♥

my favourite shot

Friday, April 08, 2011

leave the lion

adam rosenthal, lyell woloschuk, taylor patterson and vince favel. awesome guys. great music.
few shots from leave the lion at the railway last month (march 13th 2011)

i used to be obsessed with black and white photography. but i've really been enjoying playing with colour lately, hadn't done black and white photos in a while. a nice little change?

leave the lion
vince favel, bass
lyell woloschuk, drums
adam rosenthal, vocals & guitar
taylor patterson, lead guitar
cover shot

Saturday, April 02, 2011

when i grow up i'm going to be a photographer

few weeks ago i shot leave the lion at the railway. i'd been so busy with work over the last few months my nikon had been a little neglected. shooting the band made me remember how passionate i am about photography.
i think it started back in grade 7. photography fascinated me and i knew it was something i wanted to pursue. but somehow it always got pushed back.

a big part of summer of ali is going to be about pursing my photography. i don't have any particular plans, i'll take it as it comes, but my nikon and my miranda will be at my side. time to get that portfolio together.

so.....who's down for a photoshoot????