Thursday, May 26, 2011

das voglhaus

(german for "the birdhouse")

das voglhaus is in konstanz. it's one of the many cool coffeeshops we went to. but das voglhaus is special. not cause it has delicious coffee or amazing cheesecake, tho that probably helped. no, das voglhaus is special cause...well, you get to sit in the window. kind of like your a window display. that just sounds weird now. but its not weird, its cool. there's a few big windows and you get to sit on comfy pillows and bean bags in the window. there's only space for like max 3 people, but its cozy.
it's really awesome. trust me.

das voglhaus


yes, we get excited about cheescake!

he was for sale. he was heavy. he was expensive. no one would buy him. he was sad.

the vivi we know and love

they had cool stuff on the wall

this guy has nice eyes. really, he does.

chillin in the window


i like it here


i like hair. it comes in all sorts of shapes, textures and colours. i dont have some weird hair fetish or anything, but i do like hair. photos of hair, paintings, sculptures (tho sculptures made out of hair might start getting a little creepy). anyway, i like hair.

the night i arrived in konstanz (germany), my friend vivian was informing me of our schedule for the following days. she mentioned an exhibit i might enjoy at the local art center. it was a photography exhibit about hair. could it get any better? first thing we did after breakfast the next morning, was to go and have a peek at these hairy photographs.

the exhibit, haare (german for hair), is by internationally recognized photographer Herline Koelbl. for six years she traveled the world, looking for images surrounding the topic "hair". in this exhibit she shows us impressive photographs of hair, or their lack of, and their multiple significations.
hair is shown as a symbol of beauty, strength, eroticism, masculinity, femininity, roughness, wildness, innocence, sickness and more.
the artists gives us a fasicinating and intimate view of what to us, is so ordinary.
for more prints of this collection and her other works, click here.  


"love sucks"


very hairy

one of my favourite shots (although i pretty much adore them all)

love braids

a peek into her book

adams family!!!
i bought that postcard for andy but failed to put enough stamps on it. i'm so sorry!! its now floating around somewhere in postcard-land, who knows, maybe someone generous will sent it along anyway.

for any hair- , photography-, art-, biography- or simply movie-lovers, make sure to watch the movie Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. As the name says it's a movie based on the life and work of controversial photographer Diane Arbus (1923-1971), who shot black and white photographs of dwarfs, giants, transvestites, nudists and circus performers, people who were described as surreal, weird, abnormal or ugly. And yes, it contains a lot of hair.

Note to self: make a blog post on Diane Arbus, she truly was amazing. 

at the end they had a hallway, covered in little prints. vivi posed for me

ali likes hair

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i like airports. actually, i love airports. and i especially love vancouver international airport.

i guess theres always a certain amount of excitement that comes with airports; your either going somewhere or returning home. airports are fun. there's so many different people from all sorts of different places of the world speaking all sorts of different languages. i find it fascinating. i like people watching. i like airports.

over the years i've spent time in several airports and yeah, vancouver is my favourite. main reason is probably due to the fact that it has an aquarium. yes, it has an aquarium, which you get to see if your flying internationally. i get very excited about aquariums. i like sea life. i'm pretty sure if i hadn't followed the arts, i would have probably gone with biology and become a marine biologist.

cool lights. think this was moxies...or milestones? maybe earls....all the same

there's something very calming about airports when they are empty

vancouver in the distance

the plane that took me to europe

if i hadn't followed the arts, i would have become a marine biologist

i had an empty seat beside me. it was like traveling with an imaginary friend

there was LOTS of babies on the flight

vancouver lights; too bad it was still early-ish and cloudy

annoying red suitcase, lugged this heavy thing all thru germany

Monday, May 23, 2011

tie-dye clouds

max wanger is a great los angeles based photographer who i am very inspired by. his photos are super fun, dynamic and have an unconventional style. he plays with negative space a lot, seeing things from a different angle, as well as cropping in whimsical ways.
i came across this interview from have a quick read through it if your interested. here's his other site with couples, engagement and wedding photos. so awesome.

max wanger, thanks for being as amazeballs as you are!

i'm still working on finding a photography style of my own. i think it'll all come along naturally with time. here's a few shots i took yesterday along the beach in cascais. semi-inspired by mr. max wanger himself. i'm in love with the weather and beautiful blue sky. having fun playing with perspective and whatnot. 

ps: i heard max wanger does workshops every now and then. and he works with the girls from maybe i should look into moving to los angeles. they have longer summers then vancouver. i at least need to make a visit down there. and there's no way i'm going without andy! anyone care to sponsor our trip?