Saturday, October 29, 2011

love what you do and it will love you back

Earlier this summer I started re-designing my portfolio site. Bye-bye flash. Hello world of html, css, php and javascript. Although there was times of much frustration and impatience, ripping hair out and wanting to throw my laptop against the wall I ended up kicking some code-ass with the amazing help of my patient teacher Oskar. It's quite amazing how much I've learned in such little time, I'm getting pretty good at this stuff.
There's about 10 million things I still want to do with this site, little design goodies I want to add, change this, change that....But for now I am extremely happy with where it's at. It's a portfolio site, I doubt it'll ever be "finished", just a continuous work in progress.
Anyway, enough blabbing, go on and check it out. I'm pretty excited to have equal amounts of both my graphic design work and my photography work up there now.
Btw, I'm excited to announce lots of future work coming up with both Wild Rice and My City Photos who have both hired me to do all their graphics for them. So many yummy designs to be launched soon!!

homepage with a slideshow, so proud

lots of new work coming up very soon!!

updated design portfolio, however some old school projects were worthy of sticking around. 

a few snapshots of the first wedding I shot this summer

many photos from my europe trip earlier this summer

one of my new favourite photos

pink dreams inspired by the amazing max wanger <3

beautiful vancouver 

For anyone interested Oskar and I have teamed up to tackle any web development you may need. His big brains combined with my creative designs make some pretty cool stuff happen. If you need a website give us a call!

Monday, October 17, 2011

instagram diaries

dirty dishes & clean laundry  

amazing dinner at wild rice & artsy butterfly on desert dish  

quitting coffee & drinking tea  

playing with new friends & catching up with old ones  

road tripping to seattle & almost not making it 

old matching converse & new matching boots  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was "cleaning up" my files and folders and came across these inspiration boards I had to make for a job interview shortly after graduation. I felt like they were worth sharing, interesting to see how my style is still very much the same, as well as how it evolved.