Thursday, June 30, 2011


a few weeks ago cariboo and leave the lion hosted yet another kick ass party. it was beach theme. unfortunately vancouver weather was being its usual rainy self and most people skipped the beach wear.
grace and i teamed up, made up some fun beach-beer-themed speech bubbles for props and snapped away. thanks cariboo, we look forward to the next party!

cariboo time = fun time 

lifeguards love cariboo

beach party!

bartenders dreamin of summer fun 

jack mercer wants more cariboo!

taylor loves cariboo 



leave the lion loves cariboo!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

miss physiotherapist

vivi rocks my socks. she's crazy and i adore her.
she recently graduated and is now a physiotherapist and i could not be more proud of her.
once again, congratulations!!!!
(we took these photos during my konstanz-visit one afternoon after coffee at die lichtgallerie in some random doorway. pretty door. pretty hair. pretty vivi.)


rockin spacewoman

gastown improv

fĂȘte de la musique in gastown. first day of summer. it was a beautiful day out and i was stoked to get some leave the lion live photos outdoors in natural light! i always struggle to take photos of them at shows. i love doing it but its hard. the lighting is low and sometimes it moves around and changes colours and it can be a bit frustrating. i'm learning as i go...
anyway, when grace and i got there unfortunately only lyell and vince were there. the others were having trouble getting equipment on location and whatnot. the band had a one hour slot to perform so lyell and vince improvised. and i got some photos.


vince didn't have his equipment but he borrowed this fancy blue guitar from the lady going on next.

grace chillin out

obviously lovin the w

drums are pretty cool

eventually fish joined in as well

red hot chili peppers cover

lovin taylors face

adam feelin blue like the dude on his shirt

this building is awesome.

taylor confused with lyells iphone

vince on drums

fish clearly found his new calling

drunk dude
i looooooove those bracelets