Tuesday, March 29, 2011

and so it begins....

yup...ali's got a blog now.
i have 10 billion ideas floating thru my head of what i want to do with this. so...who knows what will actually happen.
either way its going to be kick-ass.
summer of ali (thanks jake for the name!) is pretty much ready to begin (roughly 10 more days till freedom).
it's been a crazy year so far (crazy in the best way possible) and it's about to get so much crazier. it's going to rock. so stay tuned.
yeah i dnt really kwn what else to write.
i'll get better at this. promise.

later alligator.

in the meantime check out my tumblr photo blog. havn't had the chance to take my nikon out much lately but instead i've been baking delcious goodies with my fancy iphone and the amazing instagram app (yeah im addicted).

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  1. HAHA you absolutely the cutest. Harsh have one of these too... HAHA
    www.ohdidshe.blogspot.com ;)