Thursday, June 09, 2011


i never learned how to develop photos. although i had read about it and people had explained it to me and i'd seen glimpses of it in movies, it was still always a bit of a mystery to me.
that mystery got solved when i went to porto where my friend teresa gave me a roll of film in black&white she had made herself.

on my last morning in porto we had shot through the little roll with her canon AE1 and went to her university to develop them. her friend carlos, who seems to know everything, and i mean everything, about photography came along and did a great job of explaining it all. it was interesting. and simple.

it was so simple. it's not magic.
for some reason that's a little disappointing.
but i loved it!

one of teresa's shots, love it

streets of porto

yes, i was chasing pigeons

my talented friend teresa

basically all my shots are the underexposed ones....haha i'm working on it!


btw, i bought another camera (along with 3 lenses) f401s. poor baby isn't currently working, but i'm certain that i'll get her going. fingers crossed!