Sunday, June 19, 2011

love birds

this is miguel and his gorgeous girlfriend carol.
miguel is an old high school friend of mine. him and carol have been together for a few years now. they're awfully cute together. i had promised them a little couples shoot when i'd come to visit, so one sunny (yet windy) afternoon we met up in belem.
carol is absolutely stunning. besides being beautiful she's a natural at modeling, she's just got it down.
here are the results of my first official couples shoot. i'm quite happy.
thanks carol and miguel, it was fun :)

she's gorgeous

did i mention it was windy?

we were sitting at the edge of a fountain and every now and then the wind would blow water our way, rather refreshing.

just chillin out infront of mosteiro dos jerónimos

goofin around

say cheeeeeese

carol is from brazil. we made sure to get a few shots with the cristo rei in the background.

by the padrão dos descobrimentos



  1. Awesome!
    The pics are amazing!
    Thanks to you, a fabulous photographer xD