Friday, July 29, 2011

beach town

Cascais. Hometown.
A previous boss of mine: "Oh Cascais, I went there on my honeymoon, it's such a cute little beach town". 
I never thought of Cascais as a "beach town", yet I guess you could call it something along those lines, it is indeed by the beach. There's too many rich and snobby people in Cascais to call it a beach town. Beach town just makes it sound all hippie and chill and lazy-bum-surfer-ish (the way I imagine Tofino to be). Cascais is too crowded and touristy to be a beach town.
Anyway, here's a few photographs of "beach town" Cascais. Enjoy. 


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  1. 4 composition works, 8 rocks...(just a little tune up of the exposition) 20 sweet.