Thursday, July 14, 2011


although i've been keeping up the the blogging lately, i've completely fallen behind with my europe-trip-blog-posts. there's so many photos i still have to post.
i'm feeling a bit down today. i'm going to blame it on the fact that its mid july and its all grey skies and rain outside. how is this even possible?! its july!!
it's clearly time for a sunny post, so i dug out the photos of jenny, vivi and i chillin out in the biergarten in konstanz.

this does not look very appetizing.....but it tastes so good


little birdies

photo by vivi

radler&bratwurst&pommes. mmmmm.

cloud-free-sky, colourful umbrella and maibaum 

we got matching friendship bracelets cause we're cool like that

biergarten, i miss you

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