Wednesday, July 20, 2011

victoria on a monday is like vancouver on a sunday

victoria trip. downtown. this is part 2, which will be followed by part 1 shortly. be patient.

victoria has LOTS of flowers

$5 for 75 flavors, try and beat that!

i love her :)

tracy worrying. tracy worries a lot. 

attempting to figure out where we heading

juri and his grey highlights

stencil street art

we saw orcas from the ferry

i love dogs. enough said. 

my new favorite thing to photograph: windows.


  1. the last 3 are very cool, i also like the 3rd and 4th from top the flowers are crying as the sky does, the loneliness of the lemon is attractive too!!

  2. Grazie! I'm quite happy with the last two.