Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I feel like I've been slacking off on my blog.....and I've given my lemenade a vacation. I've been a busy bee lately doing freelance work and jumping over hoops in the world of css/html/php/javascript, it's a little scary but oh-so-exciting too.
Here's a few instagram shot of what I've been up to lately, instagram-diaries. Maybe I'll try to make a weekly post like this one, does that sound like a good idea?
I'm diggin it <3

working hard to finish off my site & bring up the rainbow-wheel-of-death while crashing photoshop
DIY-birthday-present-collage for the little brother & DIY gift bows

ali designs sites & oskar codes them

slowly saying good-bye to old shoes & dreaming about new ones 

having fun freelancing for wild rice & getting excited for new future work with the amazing laura-lee

wearing my DIY hex-nut bracelet from honestly...wtf & making paper dudes at work

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