Thursday, May 26, 2011

das voglhaus

(german for "the birdhouse")

das voglhaus is in konstanz. it's one of the many cool coffeeshops we went to. but das voglhaus is special. not cause it has delicious coffee or amazing cheesecake, tho that probably helped. no, das voglhaus is special cause...well, you get to sit in the window. kind of like your a window display. that just sounds weird now. but its not weird, its cool. there's a few big windows and you get to sit on comfy pillows and bean bags in the window. there's only space for like max 3 people, but its cozy.
it's really awesome. trust me.

das voglhaus


yes, we get excited about cheescake!

he was for sale. he was heavy. he was expensive. no one would buy him. he was sad.

the vivi we know and love

they had cool stuff on the wall

this guy has nice eyes. really, he does.

chillin in the window


i like it here

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