Thursday, May 26, 2011


i like hair. it comes in all sorts of shapes, textures and colours. i dont have some weird hair fetish or anything, but i do like hair. photos of hair, paintings, sculptures (tho sculptures made out of hair might start getting a little creepy). anyway, i like hair.

the night i arrived in konstanz (germany), my friend vivian was informing me of our schedule for the following days. she mentioned an exhibit i might enjoy at the local art center. it was a photography exhibit about hair. could it get any better? first thing we did after breakfast the next morning, was to go and have a peek at these hairy photographs.

the exhibit, haare (german for hair), is by internationally recognized photographer Herline Koelbl. for six years she traveled the world, looking for images surrounding the topic "hair". in this exhibit she shows us impressive photographs of hair, or their lack of, and their multiple significations.
hair is shown as a symbol of beauty, strength, eroticism, masculinity, femininity, roughness, wildness, innocence, sickness and more.
the artists gives us a fasicinating and intimate view of what to us, is so ordinary.
for more prints of this collection and her other works, click here.  


"love sucks"


very hairy

one of my favourite shots (although i pretty much adore them all)

love braids

a peek into her book

adams family!!!
i bought that postcard for andy but failed to put enough stamps on it. i'm so sorry!! its now floating around somewhere in postcard-land, who knows, maybe someone generous will sent it along anyway.

for any hair- , photography-, art-, biography- or simply movie-lovers, make sure to watch the movie Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. As the name says it's a movie based on the life and work of controversial photographer Diane Arbus (1923-1971), who shot black and white photographs of dwarfs, giants, transvestites, nudists and circus performers, people who were described as surreal, weird, abnormal or ugly. And yes, it contains a lot of hair.

Note to self: make a blog post on Diane Arbus, she truly was amazing. 

at the end they had a hallway, covered in little prints. vivi posed for me

ali likes hair

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