Monday, May 23, 2011

tie-dye clouds

max wanger is a great los angeles based photographer who i am very inspired by. his photos are super fun, dynamic and have an unconventional style. he plays with negative space a lot, seeing things from a different angle, as well as cropping in whimsical ways.
i came across this interview from have a quick read through it if your interested. here's his other site with couples, engagement and wedding photos. so awesome.

max wanger, thanks for being as amazeballs as you are!

i'm still working on finding a photography style of my own. i think it'll all come along naturally with time. here's a few shots i took yesterday along the beach in cascais. semi-inspired by mr. max wanger himself. i'm in love with the weather and beautiful blue sky. having fun playing with perspective and whatnot. 

ps: i heard max wanger does workshops every now and then. and he works with the girls from maybe i should look into moving to los angeles. they have longer summers then vancouver. i at least need to make a visit down there. and there's no way i'm going without andy! anyone care to sponsor our trip? 

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