Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i like airports. actually, i love airports. and i especially love vancouver international airport.

i guess theres always a certain amount of excitement that comes with airports; your either going somewhere or returning home. airports are fun. there's so many different people from all sorts of different places of the world speaking all sorts of different languages. i find it fascinating. i like people watching. i like airports.

over the years i've spent time in several airports and yeah, vancouver is my favourite. main reason is probably due to the fact that it has an aquarium. yes, it has an aquarium, which you get to see if your flying internationally. i get very excited about aquariums. i like sea life. i'm pretty sure if i hadn't followed the arts, i would have probably gone with biology and become a marine biologist.

cool lights. think this was moxies...or milestones? maybe earls....all the same

there's something very calming about airports when they are empty

vancouver in the distance

the plane that took me to europe

if i hadn't followed the arts, i would have become a marine biologist

i had an empty seat beside me. it was like traveling with an imaginary friend

there was LOTS of babies on the flight

vancouver lights; too bad it was still early-ish and cloudy

annoying red suitcase, lugged this heavy thing all thru germany

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