Wednesday, June 22, 2011

can't beat em you gotta eat em

firewood cafe has the best pizza.
this is 100% biased cause i work there. but still, it's the best pizza.
firewood's the way to go!
you know joseph wu? he's pretty awesome. he's an origami artist. he was at the last pecha kucha back in april (tomorrow night is the next one, i'm excited to go and get inspired again!). he did a great presentation, his work is super impressive. and he's funny and a really nice guy. i think he's prettty rad. he has good taste too, he's a regular customer at firewood!!
during the playoffs when vancouver was soooo close to winning the stanley cup joseph wu made the firewood-staff a dozen canucks-origami-jerseys. we sent him a free asiago pizza. awesome collaboraton.
thanks joseph wu!!!!


june special was the boston pizza. too bad the canuck's didn't win. can't beat em you gotta eat em.

best pizza

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