Wednesday, June 22, 2011


yesterday i met ham.
i think i'm a little in love with him. he's like a little teddy bear, but actually he's a dog. he's sooooo soft.
grace and i took him for a walk in steveston. it was the first day of summer. and it couldn't have been any better. it was beautiful out. and although we were down by the water it wasn't even windy. poor ham got too hot tho.
on our way back we got pooped on. yeah, pooped on, both of us. at the same time. that seagull had a good eye. he really got us. thank god for starbucks washrooms. grace washed the poop out of my hair. now that's true friendship.
after starbucks we split a delicious wrap and watched daytime tv. then we headed to gastown to the fĂȘte de la musique to see some leave the lion (pictures coming soon!). things didn't really go as planned but we still had fun.
later lyell joined us for mexican food, mango margatitas and bridesmaids. bridesmaids as in the movie bridesmaids. hands down best chick flick i've seen in a long time. 
they say being pooped on is good luck and i had an awesome day, so....thanks seagull!!

first day of summer!

ham and grace! i realize they are out of focus (oooooops) but i love the photo anyway

ham got too hot and hid in the bush

beautiful sky

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